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Today we look at effective online marketing for YouTube videos that you have uploaded. The means for selling, sharing, and promoting music have moved entirely online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you want to get ahead by using a social media marketing company to buy YouTube views from or you take some tips and ideas from our blog posts, the end result should be that you grow a credible channel that will not be over looked. Out of necessity, and almost overnight, musicians have adopted live-streaming, digital advertising, and other forms of online community engagement and marketing.


Since 100% of your audience engagement has been forced online right now, I thought it’d be a good time to remind you that you have access to the same marketing tools used by many top artist like maroon 5 , oasis and Tove lo to market their music. You need to be using other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to also promote your videos on. There are social media marketing companies where you can buy Twitter followers from and then upload your videos to that audience.


You will want to also update recent content that helps the user in some way or another as that will lead them to come back and view new videos that you decide to upload. It is important that you keep things exciting and not sound board or upload videos that make people sleep or switch off. You will want to ensure that your content is targeting a certain niche of people as that will lead for people to stay on your video longer which will lead to high retention YouTube views that helps your ranking position.


The keys to an effective online marketing campaign would start with a specific goal in mind such as Pick your primary objective. Boost YouTube follows? Grow your email list? You have to know WHAT you’re asking your fans to do (and WHY). This solution offers high performance to drive traffic. If you have enjoyed our content and would like to share you thoughts, you can do on our Facebook page. We would love to hear your thoughts and if you have tried some of the steps that we have stated above.

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