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Facebook Launches New Support Tools for SMBs in Both Facebook and Instagram. Facebook has unveiled a new set of features to support SMBs impacted by COVID-19, including a ‘Support Small Business’ sticker for Instagram and an update to Messenger to help streamline direct response.

Here’s what’s been announced:

First off, Facebook is rolling out a new ‘Support Small Business’ sticker for Instagram, which includes not only the new sticker itself, but also enables users to share thumbnail images of the latest three Instagram posts from the business that they choose to highlight within their Story. If you want to grow followers quickly then you can buy Instagram followers from companies such as our own. As you can see here, after you’ve selected the ‘Support Small Business’ sticker for your Story, you then enter the Instagram handle for that business. Instagram will then populate the sticker with preview images from that account. Users can’t control which images are chosen, but it provides another way to help showcase SMBs and get more people interested in tapping through to check them out.


This could be a hugely beneficial tool for showcasing brands, while also, essentially, promoting more Instagram use. Not only does this get more people visiting more Instagram profiles, but it also provides added incentive for SMBs to maintain a more active, attractive Instagram presence to support the preview stickers. In addition to this, whenever the Support Small Business sticker is used, that Stories frame can be added to a shared Story, depending on your privacy settings – you can see an example of this in the final image above. Tagged businesses are also able to re-post these Stories via their own profile. As noted, that could provide even more impetus for SMBs to maintain their Instagram profile, and to call on their fans to use the ‘Support Small Business’ sticker to help promote their products and services.


If you run a small business, you should definitely be thinking about not only the content you’re posting on Instagram – and how enticing it might be in a three-frame preview – but also, who you can call upon to share the new sticker, be it influencers, friends, your existing audience, etc. There’s a lot of promotional potential in this option.  If you are looking to buy Facebook likes that come from real people you can visit social media marketing companies but be sure that they are delivering real likes that come from marketing methods in which comply with this networks terms of use otherwise you face the risk of being banned. What do you think of Facebook’s new support tools ? How have they affected you ? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page, we would love to hear from you.

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