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Today we talk abut how to get views on SoundCloud and build your fan base. As an artist it’s very important that you build your reputation and fanbase on SoundCloud wherever possible so you can open up many doors and get booked for gigs or a festival. Why are artists looking to buy SoundCloud plays ? Well souncloud’s platform is a brilliant way for musicians to take their music to the next level .its been proven In many cases, the way in which your account is displayed and how you manage your music on SoundCloud has a larger impact on popularity than the music itself.


A good tip is to keep your tracks and profile clean and precise easy to follow for your audience keeping them engaged . When thinking of a track name think of a name that makes sense and easy to search you could try using common or often used words and short sentences or even some words from a beautiful poem like “where memories lie “ or “in my arms “ . It’s also a good idea to add a good description with high resolution  images/cover art to your tracks then your followers will not only remember you by the sound of your music but also your cover art and track description you can even say what influenced you to make this track/song maybe it was a life experience or activity and any collaborators you may have worked with .


The way that souncloud blogs work is that the platform uses algorithms to suggest music to its users a good way to maximise this process is to be accurate when adding the mood and genre tags to all of your music releases , select a main genre as well as some sub-genres tied to your song , its best to have a few tags that perfectly relate this will be much more effective, rather than a lot of crazy random ones . There are trusted social media marketing companies out there where you can buy SoundCloud plays from but be sure that they always deliver real plays or you will run into issues with your account being suspended.


Top tip add #SCFirst hashtag in your song description on all social media since back in 2108 soundcloud launched an add campaign celebrating creators worldwide this will help with your exposure as an artist . Also a quick heads up as from 1st of June 2020 soundcloud is offering 3 months of soundcloud Go+ for only £0.99 not only does this give you add free and offline listening to sound clouds entire catalog Go+ gives you access to every DJ integration (serato and native instruments Traktor ) what better way to get maximum exposure especially now in the current climate with a huge majority of the population at home on pandemic lock down ! Make the most of sound clouds amazing platform now and boost your credibility  

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