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What if you could earn a substantial amount of side income by doing something you love? By doing something that you do most days anyway? By doing something that feels absolutely nothing like work? What if you could earn a substantial side income by, oh I don’t know, playing around on Pinterest all day?


Well, that’s exactly what I did, and today I’m going to explain not only why I make money from Pinterest but how I managed to pull this off
Over the course of the last two years, I’ve created a reliable source of side income for myself working as a social media consultant—or, more specifically, a Pinterest consultant. I also used other social media providers to buy Facebook likes and get Twitter followers to then direct to my Pinterest page.


I’ve helped some of the world’s top travel bloggers build their followings, gain thousands and thousands of new page views per month, and become powerful Pinterest influencers through my account management services. I’ve helped scores of others learn how to leverage this powerful platform to grow their own brands through my one-on-one consulting sessions. To be honest, all of this came as a surprise even to me! Prior to starting my own travel blog, I was not well-versed in social media whatsoever and never fathomed actually earning an income from it.


Not long after I began my blogging journey, however, I realized that self-employment and location independence were my ultimate goals and, since it takes quite awhile to turn a blog into a viable business, I knew I would need an immediate source of income to help pay the bills while continuing to work on my own projects.


One day, an opportunity presented itself to take over the social media accounts of a well-known travel blogger, with Pinterest growth being the main priority. I knew little about how to effectively utilize the platform for business at that time, but I set about learning as much as I could and eventually achieved impressive results. With that knowledge and experience, my reputation began to grow, and with a few strategic moves on my part I was able to turn this newfound skill into a reliable source of side income that has helped me continue living a location independent lifestyle, all the while building my own business.


I now offer Pinterest account management services and strategy consulting to bloggers and brands that are looking to increase their visibility on the platform and drive traffic and leads. Even when I’m not actively promoting my services, new clients consistently find me month after month thanks to the reputation I’ve built for myself and referrals from happy clients, current and former. Pinterest consulting isn’t my only source of income, but there was a time when it was my primary source of income, and if I really needed to increase my earnings I could easily sign more clients today if I wanted to. That peace of mind alone is worth its weight in gold.


Plus, I love helping people—especially those like me who are intent on designing their own ideal lifestyle instead of subscribing to the status quo—and it just so happens I love Pinterest, too, so it’s a pretty sweet position to be in! The following are the precise steps I took to build this Pinterest consulting side hustle, so that I could make money with Pinterest, that has helped me continue on in pursuit of a location independent lifestyle.

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