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Today we look at how to start your own music blog and what you should always include to drive traffic to your music links. As with everything in life, the best way to set yourself up for success—is to invest time and energy into creating a solid plan of action. Several things have changed in the last few years when it comes to music blogging, so you must ensure that your plan is current. This includes major music labels embracing everything from successful music blogs, promoting their musicians via social media, and encouraging music sharing via YouTube and SoundCloud. You might want to buy SoundCloud plays or buy YouTube views however you need to make sure they are from a trusted social media marketing provider.


The following information is designed to help you learn how to start a relevant music blog that will succeed. The first thing you want to do is to take a look at the most successful music blogs online today. Even if they are not related to the genre of music you most enjoy, you want to see both what they have in common, and what makes them unique. The goal is not to copy a site, but to find inspiration—and gain a general frame of reference. While researching the most successful music blogs of the moment, pay particular attention to whether they are global, and how long they have been around. Take detailed notes, covering what you do and do not like about the blogs you find—and utilize these notes for brainstorming.


Also, consider the avenues they utilize in conjunction with their blog. This includes interactive features, podcasts, apps, mixed tape streaming, and shared online playlists. What is essential to keep in mind when selecting the genre and goals of your music blog, is whether or not you are filling a void that other music bloggers do not currently offer. This step is extremely important because it is where you will define what makes your blog unique. 


When starting a music blog you must determine a few topics you will blog about, other than music reviews. In case it has to be said, you must be creative to succeed in the world of professional blogging. You must craft engaging blog posts that your visitors want to read. Set specific goals for how many music reviews to add each week, as well as how many blog posts related to your genre you will commit to. Aim for 3-5 posts each week while you are just getting started, and maintain 2-4 once you are more established.


You must begin networking ASAP. If relevant, reach out to local bands and industry leaders for live interviews. Also, connect with local and globally celebrated musicians and industry leaders on social media—and at live events. This will help to spread the word that there is a new blog in the music industry, and is essential for building your fans and followers. Keep in mind that you need to do more than just “friend” or “follow”, but begin to build mutually beneficial relationships.


Building connections are essential to all industries, but especially in the music industry. For example, if you become a regular within your local music joints—they are likely to pass along your info to musicians and industry leaders. If your blog will be featuring local and less mainstream artists, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn how easy it will be for you to gain access to them for podcast interviews, live interviews, free tickets to concerts, free music, free paraphernalia, and even free press releases that can become part of your blog content. As you gain momentum, you will receive the same from major artists, music festivals and events, and major music labels.

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