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If you are looking to grow your Twitter account the right way then you can use a credible social media company to buy Twitter followers or you can go at it alone but take expert advise from people / companies who are more than willing to help. You can grow your account by sharing your content on other social media networks but then asking them to come and follow you. You can take a look at other forums and blogs for up to date content that will show you other ways of showing you how to use Twitter effectively.


The first thing you should make sure you are doing is to use hashtags on every tweet you upload to your account. This will generate more favorites and retweets which of course will lead to more business and more people talking about you. You will want to ensure that your hashtags are relevant otherwise you will be wasting your time.


If you look at any successful Twitter account you will notice that they are consistently uploading Tweets and staying connected to their followers. If you are a business you should be offering promotions and discounts to your current followers. Take note of what they are doing and spend some time to check out what tweets are currently trending to get an idea of the direction your account should be heading in. It might come as a shock to you but there are people and companies going out to buy twitter followers or seek advice to so they can get Twitter retweets from another source which then frees up their time.


You will be surprised how many people just stick to Twitter and think that it is enough to grow. Of course, Twitter is key but you need all networks talking about you if you are going to have a positive impact. You will want people to come from Facebook or Pinterest and then follow you on Twitter. When you upload a new Tweet, share this on other social media networks that you are currently using. This will lead to more retweets, favorites and followers.


There is an option on Twitter where you can schedule your ” tweets”. This is going to save you time and is a great way of knowing how to use Twitter effectively. You will want to do this so that you can save time. Make sure that you spend a day or two scheduling your tweets for the next thirty days. You can also do the same on Facebook, this will give you more time to work on new ideas for your business. You can now buy Twitter retweets so that every time you upload a post you can have it shared instantly ! This is what large businesses have been known of doing to get ahead of others.


  • Use hashtags.
  • Share you content on other social networks you currently use.
  • Schedule your Tweets.
  • Have a look at how successful companies are using Twitter.
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