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Today we look at Instagram update 2020 and how far it has come from previous updates that they have done. We mentioned before that anyone who knows anything about Instagram will know that it is not going to slow down with the updates and new features that consistently roll out. They have been releasing substantial amounts of new features every month for as long as they have been around, compared to most other social media platforms. They are updating new features for not only businesses who want to market and brand their products but also the everyday user who uploads an image of a night out.


Instagram and Facebook have both been really spending time and focusing on SnapChat, especially with the new Facebook stories and Messenger Day. Instagram’s most recent development is their new Direct, which is their private messaging platform. It has been updated so that everything is more streamlined; regular private messages, shared posts, and disappearing photos and videos will all seamlessly show up in the same thread. You can access your direct messages by swiping right on Instagram. To the left of the “Write a message” field, you will see the Instagram icon in blue. You can click on this to send a disappearing image or video. To send a non-disappearing image or video, click on the image icon to the right.


The way this effects businesses is that Instagram is one step closer to a ” full on Instagram take over. SnapChat will not die out tomorrow which is down to the amount of users they have but eventually we predict that you will start seeing the amount of users decrease. This feature can be used to create more of an urgency which will drive sales up for your business. You can now send, for example a discount code or some information about a twenty four hour promotion and since the users can only replay the image once, it will help boost the number of sales up quickly.


This will help you connect to your current followers more and can help you promote your account to people who are landing on your page. This option will also help you to get more followers on Instagram which is why so many people are racing to upload new pictures. This also opens up more opportunities for you to be able to get Instagram likes on pictures that you have uploaded since more and more people are now downloading this application.

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