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Twitch May Update 2020 and what does it mean for you as a user ? Why are people now looking to buy Twitch views for their channel ? Lets dig in and get a feel as to what is happening. Twitch has the highest earning potential for live streams and with the huge growth of streaming platforms like soundcloud ,YouTube and now more resent services like Twitch and mixcloud also adopting video streaming and ever expanding features are gaining popularity especial in these challenging times in 2020. 


Rebillet is part of a fast-growing community of musicians who are migrating to digital platforms to perform “quaranstreams” during the pandemic. Many larger artists, like John Legend and diplo are choosing Instagram. When indie artists are overwhelmingly flocking to Twitch.There is one likely reason yes Instagram is an easy option to reach lots of people. 
Twitch offers an abundance of ways to make money. “It’s more financially focused,” says musician. Take longtime Twitch streamer ducky for example.. “It supports different tiers of subscriptions and donations. People can subscribe to a channel for free and even use they’re amazon prime account . Fans can tip in small amounts with things like a cheers . Other platforms usually just pay out on ad revenue or number of plays. 


Twitch’s flexible moneymaking features are becoming a stopgap necessity for many indie acts.With conferences ,festivals even nightclubs closing there doors since coronavirus has essentially frozen the music industry in recent weeks.. Federal governments have even recommended that public gatherings should not exceed 10 people this has effected artists income and now turning to twitch and streaming as a way to earn income and in turn building up their fan base.


With no sense of when live shows will resume, artists are creating weekly twitch live shows some days producing tracks live other days Ableton live tutorials or collaborating with other artists. The rush to get set up on Twitch and start streaming is intensifying everyday some musicians are learning about the platform and its rules so they can maximize their audience and for those who are looking to buy Twitch followers, just make sure you are using a legitimate company who has a clean track record. Stay tuned for our weekly tips and tricks on on Twitch and all other streaming platforms.

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