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Today we look at the YouTube 2020 update and what it means for people who buy YouTube views and market their videos on this video sharing network. What is new for YouTube in 2020 ? Well the first is that as of January 6, YouTube has agreed, as part of a settlement that no child-directed content can feature targeted advertisements. If a person uploads content and fails to label their channels and or videos as ” made for kids ” then they will risk being fined by the FTC.


Google confirmed that this new system was the result of a landmark of a sum near to $170 million settlement YouTube reached with the Federal Trade Commission in September for allegedly violating children’s privacy. It is by far the largest fine ever collected under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which forbids collecting data from children under the age of 13 without explicit consent from their parents. In this case, the ruling means YouTube can’t employ its powerful ad-targeting system on anyone who might be under the age of 13 — a dire problem for a platform with so many young users. This is why some people now buy targeted YouTube subscribers so they can really capture their niche market and not fall short by penalties.


In theory, YouTube has always been subject to COPPA, but those restrictions have taken on new urgency in the wake of the recent settlement with the FTC. Under the terms of the settlement, YouTube is required to “develop, implement, and maintain a system for Channel Owners to designate whether their Content on the YouTube Service is directed to Children.” Under the system that YouTube rolled out on Tuesday, creators who strictly make children’s content can also have their entire channel designated as directed at children. Once a video is labeled as kids’ content, all personalized ads will be shut off, replaced with “contextualized” advertising based on the video itself.

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