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What does the new YouTube update mean for you as a user and someone who comes to visits your channel. See why more people are going to buy YouTube views and other promotional offers from trusted social media providers. YouTube wants to make it easier for people to watch, control, and have the full YouTube experience on any device of their choosing. In a blog post published late last week, the platform outlined changes its product team made to its mobile apps this year, including a new feature that allows people to voice search on either the iOS or Android app, even when their phone is casting to a TV.


For example, you can search for dinner recipes on your phone, and content will show up on your TV that fits what you’re hoping to find. The company also says it now allows people to watch videos in HDR when streaming from a PlayStation 4 or Playstation 4 Pro.


Other possible changes for the Android mobile app appear to be in the works, too. German publication SmartDroid reports that some Android users have noticed an update that allows their mobile app to function more like a remote control when they’re casting, in addition to the added voice controls.


The update includes a directional pad that makes navigating the platform and finding videos easier, and also allows for quicker access to captions and quality controls. Are you someone who wants to promote their videos and or channel on YouTube ? You can visit a trusted social media provider to buy YouTube subscribers but make sure they are trusted with a good background . While all these app changes are minor overall, they speak to the video platform’s concentrated effort to build out both the mobile and TV app experience, likely in an attempt to make the transition from streaming on your phone to your TV and back to your phone again seamless.

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