We as a company have noticed a high demand for people who are looking to enhance their account and target a certain audience which is something you can do now as we have allowed you the option to buy slow targeted TikTok likes. With TikTok taking off and with over a billion daily users this shows not only us as a company but you as as a TikTok user that this network is here to stay. We are one of the very few who actually provide this service which means you can get ahead of your competition and stay there growing at a consistent pace . You can either buy targeted TikTok likes or speak to our online customer service team so they can show you ways to get likes from a targeted audience on your own and the good thing here is they will also show you how to get TikTok followers and views as well.


The first thing you need to do is decide on how many targeted likes you would like to buy from us once you have decided on that you will enter your TikTok video link or URL as some people call them. Please enter this link URL in the box where it asks for your ” URL ” , your contact email and the amount of days you would like your targeted TikTok likes spread over. You will receive an email stating that we have received your order . Please do not hesitate to contact us on our chat box or email if you have not receive this order confirmation . When you buy slow targeted TikTok likes just remember that the minimum we add at any one time is one hundred. We do what it takes to make life easy for our clients and trust us when we say that you will be making the right decision to buy slow targeted TikTok likes here today.


When you buy slow targeted TikTok likes you are showing this video sharing network that you have constant activity within your profile not just from people who are viewing your videos but also liking them. This is so important if you are wanting to rank higher within their own search engine the same way YouTube ranking system works. If you are wanting to buy fast targeted TikTok likes in the normal time frame then you will receive them within twenty four to forty eight hours which is fine if you are buying every week and maintaining a healthy balanced like count on all of your videos but this option will cost you more money in the long term. Take our expert advice and buy slow targeted TikTok likes today.


The first thing you need to do is check your account because if your video is a new upload you will want to buy slow targeted TikTok likes. If you are new to TikTok but then have hundreds of likes overnight, it is not going to look good for people who check your account. It is advised that you then buy slow targeted TikTok likes when you already have a healthy amount. Anywhere over one thousand likes would be classed as a healthy amount depending on how many videos you have currently uploaded. If you are still unsure on when you should buy slow targeted TikTok likes please do not hesitate to speak with our around the clock online customer support team.


Just like Google and well known networks out there today, they are all looking for daily growth not just on one video but on all of your videos. They look for diversity and daily activity when they are looking at moving you up the ranking ladder within their own search engine. For someone who is completely new to this it may sound too much to take in. In short, the more you use your account and upload videos, receive likes not just views and followers this will in turn build your fan base and steadily you will grow . It should be on a daily basis so whether you buy slow targeted TikTok likes or you choose to go at it alone just remember that the end result should be that you have an account that is liked by a targeted audience and niche.


We show you how to purchase slow targeted TikTok likes from our site. We also show you ways to be able to get slow targeted TikTok likes on your own without spending money. You are protected by our 100 % money back guarantee.