So you have come across this blog to find out different ways to use your social media pages to your advantage. Within this blog you will see five main key things that not many people are doing but which can and will provide you with the information needed to use social media to more to your advantage.

Without a doubt social media is the biggest thing on the planet right now. Everyone is using social media networks to interact with one another, look for discounts, look to see what other people are talking about. There are many ways to use social media to your advantage no matter what niche you fall under. People are now becoming smarter, they see they can buy products online, they can even do their food shopping online instead of walking or driving to the market. This means that no matter what you are selling or promoting you must be online and using social media networks and forums to gain some more clients.

There are many ways use social media to your advantage so let us look at some very simple ones that you could do :

1. Offer discounts off your products only to your followers and fans.

2. Offer incentives for your followers, fans and or viewers to share your social pages.

3. Provide weekly specials on your social media pages.

4. Stay active and respond to your followers, viewers, people who leave comments.

5. Use a staff member to always update your social media pages.

Now the five things above sound very easy and common but you would be very surprised to know that more than half the people / companies that we spoke to were not doing more than 2 of the above. If you are going to use social media to your advantage then you need to follow all five things stated as well as being creative on your own.

Another way to use social media to your advantage is having more than one or two social media accounts. People are mainly using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You need to be on all social media networks such as Google +, Linkdin, Reverbnation. There are so many networks that are out there but to really boost your image and profile you need to be active on all of them. As an artist you will know that social media can and will play a big part in you being noticed. Make sure that what you upload is unique and stands out. Send Tweets of your new tracks, Upload your tracks to all music networks such as SoundCloud, Datpiff, Reverbnation.