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Have you been looking around for a social media company that allows you the option to buy slow Instagram followers ? Now you can !! LJMEDIA listens to our clients and people who visit our website, this was a heavily requested service which we have made happen. You can buy slow Instagram followers at any amount and have them delivered over any amount of days you want. Throughout this page we will discuss how important it is to have your followers coming in on a regular basis as well as what you need to do to be able to buy slow Instagram followers. Our online customer service team is always here to help to make sure that if you have any questions you are asking them.


Here at  we like to make things as easy as possible for our clients to buy and receive unique up to date information. When you decide to buy slow Instagram followers you first have to choose the amount you wish to purchase. The sky is the limit so if you would like to buy more followers than what is shown on our website please feel free to contact us. Once you have chosen the amount you want you will need to enter your contact email, your Instagram user name and the amount of days you want the followers to be added over. Once we receive your order you will be sent a confirmation email stating that we have your order and it is being processed. You will also receive another email once your order has been completed.


If you are looking to rank within Instagram search engine and be featured on their page then this is exactly what you need. Having slow Instagram followers will show this network that you have daily activity on your account which is very important for rankings. You may have come across a page that has less followers than you but ranks higher and that is down to the other account being more consistent. Before you could just have one million followers added as fast as possible but since their update they have changed the way they rank individuals and businesses through their search engine. This will also save you time and effort because you will not have to work on your account everyday, you can spread your followers out over as many days as you want which then gives you time to work on other social pages that you have.


Having slow Instagram followers will increase your rankings, it will save you time and ensure that you are receiving daily activity. Having fast Instagram followers which are delivered within twelve to forty eight hours will also increase your rankings but after they are added you will need to maintain them which is going to cost you your time unless you spend more money on trying to keep up. It is advised that when you first open your account or you have a low number of followers that you  and then once you already have a healthy amount of people following you, you can then start to boost the numbers quickly.


The simple way to explain drip feed Instagram followers is that you are buying followers in which are added over a certain period of time apposed to all at once. When you buy drip feed Instagram followers you will notice that your rankings increase and people will start checking out other social media profiles that you have. It is so important to have a regular amount of people coming in and following you daily because if you have them all at once, then nothing after that, you will notice that your rankings will actually decrease.  rank people differently than before which is another reason we opened this service to member’s of the public.


The way to get seen daily on Instagram is to buy slow adding Instagram followers unless you are managing your page daily and spending the time to market it yourself. The old ways of adding a lot of followers overnight are no longer effective. When you buy slow adding Instagram followers from us, you are going to see an improvement in the amount of people who like your images and your search results due to Instagram preferring people who are active opposed to those who are not.


On this page we show you how to buy slow Instagram followers and why having your followers come in over a number of days opposed to all at once will help you rank higher within Instagram’s ranking system.