There are so many reasons SoundCloud has so many active users… promotion. There are plenty of up-and-coming producers, DJs, and indie bands on the site sharing their music in the hope of striking it big, and they can do so with On SoundCloud, a partner program for creatives.

The program allows artists to monetize tracks they upload on the site through paid advertisements, much like YouTube’s monetization program, and it has largely been seen as a success. There are plenty of tips and tricks out there so that you can better engage with your audience and make more money. So, good luck, music makers!

In addition to existing on a fantastic website, SoundCloud also features a nice iPhone app and an equally nice Android app. You can’t comment on songs or do much in terms of producing music with the apps, but everything else is there. You can easily listen to tracks and find fresh music to indulge in at a later time, follow your friends, and share music.