Due to the large amount of social media networks and forums that are available to you it can be somewhat discouraging to manage every social page that is out there. What you need to do is make social media work for you even when you are not sitting all day at your computer or sending tweets on your lunch break.

The most effective way to manage your accounts is to do them all at once in the morning and then again at night time. Placing hashtags is the most effective way to gain more favorites and re tweets which of course will generate more favorites and re tweets when you are at work or creating a new mix tape.

People sometimes forget to add hashtags which is why they are not seeing the results they want to get. If for example you are looking to promote your SoundCloud account to get SoundCloud plays then you should upload a tweet on Twitter but also copy that tweet and then share it on your Facebook account. This can be done within a matter of minutes and is highly effective.

Whether you are looking to gain Twitter followers and or grow get SoundCloud followers you should be using all other social media outlets to talk about what you are all about. One tweet can literally change the amount of people who check out your service or music.