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Privacy Policy

At SocialExperience we accept to commit to a privacy policy for the protection of our company as well as our clients. We act upon this as a law enforced document which states that all of our clients information is never stored, passed on to a third party or promoted without their consent.


We only collect information that we need in order to complete what our clients have asked us to complete. We assure our clients that we protect their information through high security safeguards.


If you are a re seller we never contact your clients at any time. We sign a contract with you ( NDA agreement ) to state that your clients information is never leaked and they are never contacted by our company.


We provide up to date information surrounding the business we are in and inform you of any changes that are made ( if any )


We base our company around customer service which is why we offer 24 / 7 customer support. If you are not happy with the service or you would like to make a complaint on a rare occasion then please contact us immediately so that we can address it.

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