Our company is happy to announce the arrival of slow targeted Spotify plays. Now have the option to have your targeted plays added over a certain period of time. When you buy slow targeted Spotify plays you are ensuring that you are receiving plays from a targeted niche and or area on a daily basis which is exactly what this music sharing network is looking for when deciding who to rank. You have a competitive edge over other people uploading the same or similar music as your own. Get involved today and purchase slow targeted Spotify plays to build an unstoppable profile.


We have made it very easy to buy slow targeted Spotify plays. First you need to decide how many targeted plays you would like to have on your song. Once you have done that you will proceed to the next page where you will enter your song URL and your contact email so we can send you confirmation of received order. You will also need to enter the amount of days you want your plays to be added over. Once you have done that you will make the payment either through Paypal, debit or credit card.


There are many reasons as to why you should buy slow targeted Spotify plays such as the fact that you will be saving time. You will do this because you will not have to worry about driving people to your music uploads each day and will free you up to work on other social media pages that you are running. Remember that we do provide all social media services and at a slow pace so be sure to check that out. Another good reason to buy slow targeted Spotify plays is that you will be saving money, although the price is slightly higher you will see that you do not have to buy every other day to keep a healthy amount of plays coming in as you can spread them over any amount of days as you like.


If all of your plays are coming from outside the country and that are not within the niche of your music then there is a chance you can actually lose rankings. This is why we always suggest and recommend to our clients to buy slow targeted Spotify plays when looking to build a healthy music profile that will last. You will need to have your music viewed daily in order to rank within this music sharing network the same way Google ranks websites within their own search engine. We are here for you every step of the way but seriously take time to read the ins and outs of what this network looks for when ranking an account.


If you already have a healthy looking profile with daily viewers coming to check out your music then we suggest you buy fast targeted Spotify plays. If you are new to this network and you want to build up your rankings, your credibility and profile then we would strongly suggest to buy slow targeted Spotify plays. This is because no one ( including this network ) is going to believe that your an over night hit especially if you plays all come in at once and then nothing for the next couple of days or weeks. You need to keep your account consistent and most importantly safe which is what we can do for you when you buy slow Spotify plays.