YouTube TV

YouTube isn’t just a place to watch silly videos anymore — it’s turning into a full-blown content streaming service. While YouTube Red exists for delivering original YouTube content, we now have YouTube TV for live streaming direct broadcasts of ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, The CW, and 40 other cable channels.

YouTube Community

Back in September 2016, YouTube opened a new way for creators to interact with their audiences: The Community tab. Now creators have a way to post text, images, and other videos in a separate feed, and viewers like you can comment and discuss each item.

YouTube Creator Academy

Want to create a hit new YouTube channel? Or are you struggling to popularize a channel you’ve been running for many years? Then you should head over to the YouTube Creator Academy right away.

YouTube Kids

While YouTube has long had a “restricted” mode, it’s always been imperfect and not good enough to make YouTube child-friendly. But in 2013, YouTube released a separate Android and iOS app called YouTube Kids, which is a curated playground for kids with no risk of risque content. You have full control over the app depending on how restricted you want it to be (e.g. disable searching or setting a timer to limit how long kids can watch the app). The app also has a locked mode that prevents switching out to another app, which comes in handy for crafty kids.