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If you are a musician who is looking to reach a targeted audience who will not only play your music but give it a big thumbs up then you have come to the right place. Our company has seen a high demand for people wanting to be able to reach out to people in their own country and target a certain group of people which is why we have enabled the chance for you to buy slow targeted SoundCloud likes for not just one but all of the tracks you are uploading. There is no limit to the amount you can buy and no limit to the amount of times you can purchase so get on board today and buy targeted SoundCloud likes.


You need to decide on how many slow targeted SoundCloud likes you want to have on one or more of the tracks you have uploaded. Once you have done that you will enter your song link, the amount of days you want your slow targeted SoundCloud likes to be placed over and your contact email for us to send you a confirmation email stating that we have received your order and it is being processed. Once you have done this you simply click ” buy now “. You can pay via PayPal, debit or credit card. If you do have any questions you will notice that we have an online customer service support team located at the bottom right hand side of our website. We also have three different emails you can reach out to.


Not many people know this but just like Google, SoundCloud have their own search engine. They will rank an artist and their profile based on daily activity which is why you should always opt to  and other slow services that we provide. The old way of adding a lot of services overnight to increase your rankings within SoundCloud is over. They have updated their system in such a way to give artists who dedicate themselves to uploading new music and gaining more plays, likes, comments, downloads and followers. You can do the above when you buy slow targeted SoundCloud likes from us today.


You should buy slow targeted SoundCloud likes when you first upload your track opposed to fast ones for the simple fact that no one, including this music sharing network will believe that so many people have liked a new track overnight. Once you have a credible amount of likes from a targeted audience you can boost those numbers by choosing to buy fast targeted SoundCloud likes which will be delivered within twelve to forty eight hours from the moment you make your purchase. Ensuring that your account is receiving daily activity is so important to the growth of your account so do not fall into the trap of adding a lot of likes and then leaving it a week or two as this will actually harm your rankings. We also provide you the option to  as that will help increase the amount of likes you receive from a targeted audience.


There is no right time but now to get slow targeted  likes for your music. With us being the only social media marketing company out there who can deliver this service and the sole provider you will not only see that you have a much better chance than other people uploading similar music to your own but you will also get the service at a lower price when we start reselling it to other social media marketing companies. You are in a prime position to target a certain niche of people who are interested in the genre of music you are uploading and on top of that being able to choose what country they are coming from. Make the right choice for your music and buy slow targeted SoundCloud likes today.


We discuss why you should buy slow targeted SoundCloud likes and how it will help you get seen more on SoundCloud. We also show you how to buy slow targeted SoundCloud likes from our website step by step.