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constantly researches the most effective ways of clients being noticed and up and coming stars that use the social media site SoundCloud, and from a group of our annalists we noticed that the more downloads a link has the more noticed that person become, this is why you should buy SoundCloud downloads so that you become one of the people who is seen on a continuous basis and talked about threw out the music industry.


If you are on SoundCloud but struggling with the amount of downloads you are receiving then you really have come to the right place, we not only supply you with as many SoundCloud downloads as you would like but we charge the lowest rates on the Internet. LJMEDIA also provides our clients with methods as to how to Increase SoundCloud downloads on your link for free ! Our aim is to take up and coming stars and get them see, we start this by offering SoundCloud downloads to our clients. We also offer our clients to  and other SoundCloud services. Feel free take to take advantage of those for a more well rounded profile.


LJMEDIA understand that a lot of artists who have real talent are the ones that are not being seen or heard of simply because their music has not got the credible amount of plays and downloads, this is where we come in, we can provide you with as many plays and downloads as you wish to have and they are real people which are interested in your music. Being that we offer real SoundCloud plays you have a very good chance of that person sharing your links on other social media networks, which will then get you more SoundCloud plays from other real people for free.


It shows a lot about you as an artist if you have a high volume of SoundCloud downloads. it will also tell other people that you are worth watching above the millions of people showcasing their music. A producers time is money so when they are looking around for new artists they will more likely watch a link with a large amount of downloads apposed to a link that has just a few. You need to gain a clear cut image which is what LJMEDIA can help you with, you can start this when you purchase SoundCloud downloads.


There is so many people uploading new music every day on SoundCloud so your chance of being seen is cut down to a fraction unless you have a healthy looking account, just so you know a health looking SoundCloud account will be an account that has a mixed number of downloads, comments and plays but in large amounts, you need to make sure you mix things up and keep each one topped up. Your account will look bad if you have a large amount of  downloads but only a few plays. Remember this when you go to .


We know that SoundCloud are forever changing their algorithm and one thing that really stood out to us was the fact that they want you to have a daily amount of downloads apposed to a large number all at once. We have provided you with the option to  so that you can have a healthy amount added over a certain amount of days which will of course improve your ranking position and click rate. 


We show you how to buy SoundCloud downloads from our website. We also talk about things you can do to get free SoundCloud downloads by applying some tips we provide.