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If your looking to buy SoundCloud plays you have come to the right place. SoundCloud is becoming the number one game player in the music industry. This is a great platform which is easy to upload and share your music with just a few clicks. If you are a serious artist looking to get noticed then you can do this when you purchase SoundCloud plays. As you can see we not only allow you the chance to buy SoundCloud plays but you will notice that we have an online chat support team who will answer questions and share different methods with you on how you can grow your account in your own time. We also provide 50 free plays for you to test our service before you decide to make a purchase. If your looking for a trusted social media provider then we suggest you buy SoundCloud plays from our company.


YES ! If you do not want to have your plays all on one track then all your need to do when you pay is place your user name where it says ” song link ” ( you will see this once you click on the amount of plays you wish to order ). Once you have paid you will be emailed by one of our customer service agents asking you for the song links in which you want your plays spread across. You can also speak to one of our online customer service agents who can also take care of your request while you are ordering. Spreading plays is a very good idea, it helps all of your music gain the attention needed for your profile to rank within SoundCloud. The minimum plays we can add to one given song is 100 so please take this note before you decide to .


The important thing to remember when you upload your music is that almost every artist and promoter is on this social network and will see what you have to offer, the more plays you have means the more chance you have to get heard and seen by the people who matter. SoundCloud is a platform in which you can reach an unlimited amount of people, we do not stress how important it is to have SoundCloud plays to give your uploads the credibility is deserves to have. When you get SoundCloud play you get respect and the rest is all down to you and your talent. If you are an artist looking to target a certain area of people i.e a music producer in LA then you should Increase SoundCloud plays for your music and it so that it has maximum potential to reach that audience, just uploading music to SoundCloud will not do you need to have a certain amount of listeners to go with it.


LJMEDIA understand that a lot of artists who have real talent are the ones that are not being seen or heard of simply because their music has not got the credible amount of plays and downloads, this is where we come in, we can provide you with as many plays and downloads as you wish to have and they are real people which are interested in your music. Being that we offer real SoundCloud plays you have a very good chance of that person sharing your links on other social media networks, which will then get you more SoundCloud plays from other real people for free. Another way for you to be able to get SoundCloud plays effectively is to share more, give more, create more for others. If you share other peoples tracks then they will most likely return the favor, if you give more in terms of comments you will notice that you too will also receive more comments / plays. If you create more music in which is unique then you will gain more of a personality on this network which people can and will admire leading to more plays on not one but all of your SoundCloud tracks which you have uploaded.


For someone looking to gain more soundcloud plays they are clearly looking to reach a certain goal in mind, that could be being signed by a record label or being picked to play at an event, what ever it may be LJMEDIA can make your goal a reality, the more SoundCloud plays you have the more chance of the above happening to you, the best part is it does not take more than 2 days to see the finished results !! We like to keep things simple at LJMEDIA. You will want to , comments, downloads and reposts as this is another way to get SoundCloud plays in higher numbers.


The best thing about buying SoundCloud plays is no one can tell you have bought them which is vital if you are to keep your image and improve it, which is why you should always look to have real SoundCloud plays, with LJMEDIA we can take you to another level, you will be surprised at the end result. Do not waste any more time buy SoundCloud Plays from us today and see results within a matter of 24 to 48 hours. Our clients privacy is key which is why we do not promote that you have paid for plays or any other service that we provide. Buying  plays is not illegal if you they are real plays that are coming from marketing methods which comply with SoundCloud’s terms and conditions which ours surely does. Make the right choice today and buy SoundCloud plays.


We show you how to buy SoundCloud plays from our website. We also go through how you can get free SoundCloud plays with marketing tips that we share.