We do not have to tell you that without social media a lot of companies and or individuals will not be where they are today. The likes of Facebook where you can interact for free with anyone and anywhere has opened the gate for businesses to interact with clients that are overseas. The likes of Twitter where you have such a large potential client base that people and businesses are reaching out to and of course YouTube which almost everyone who owns a computer either has an account of watches YouTube. If it was not for YouTube Justin Bieber would most likely not be where he is today but then again without this young boy making it, a lot of artists would not be uploading their music to this social network.

You will have noticed by now unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last decade that social media is a way of life now, everyone is on one form of social network whether your a student who want to connect with their friends, a business that wants to expand the growth of their company or an artists who is looking to be noticed on one of the several social networks available.
We headed this blog as ” the social bang ” because since introduced to the world it has changed the way people think, it has changed the way people interact and essentially it has changed the world. If you are not on a social network then you are truly missing out !