Do you prefer making music alone in your bedroom, or socially with others? Why not both? With the growth of streaming platforms like Twitch, it’s easier than ever to perform, DJ, or just interact with people around the world in real time. Whether from a studio your bedroom or a DJ booth there are more opportunities than ever before With tools like Twitch the streamers profiled here have pioneered a platform that originally catered strictly to game streamers as a space for music-makers and lovers. Check out twitch channels and get inspired then check back soon for our guide to getting your own Twitch stream up and running.

Last year twitch announced they were redesigning the channel page to improve the viewer experience and give streamers more ways to show the world who they are .Entrainment allows us to achieve what researchers call interpersonal synchrony, or the alignment of behaviour in time. Being in sync with others is important for many kinds of human behaviour. And in light of the current world pandemic and worldwide lockdown entertainment in all forms is a way of escape no human culture exists without it.Interpersonal synchrony is a powerful tool that creates a sense of belonging and participation .This year, this interaction matters more than ever..The bonding that arises through group synchrony serves practical societal functions and social benefits.