As you may already know, YouTube have recently updated their system. If you have paid for YouTube views then you might have seen a decrease in the amount of views you have or even worse, you might have had your YouTube video removed. This has effected millions of people who are all trying to overtake each other but it is not a permanent issue. YouTube update all the time but around this time of the year they do one big update which will effect not only people have have paid for YouTube views but even people who are gaining large amount of organic views each day and this will all be corrected within a day or two once they see that there are not ” bot views ” added to your video.

There is nothing worse than having your YouTube video removed or having a large amount of views drop from your video. It not only damages your chances of ranking again but if clients and potential clients see this it will cause issues for future business. You must always check to see if the social media provider you are using is credible. You can do this by emailing them to see if you get a response, if they have an online customer support team make sure that your speaking to a real person and not a robot. These are early give away signs in which you can see if a supplier is real, safe and secure.

YouTube want to rid accounts that are fake and that is why, if you have paid for fake views that you notice you will either get an email directly from them warning you not to buy fake views again or they will automatically suspend your account. Check the websites you are buying from, read reviews about the company and get an insight to what you will be receiving before you decide to pay for YouTube views.